Grégory Gaydu was born in Argenteuil (95) in 1987. He lives and works between Paris and Mexico. Very early on, he was interested in the image thanks to the advice of photographer Thierry Vasseur and he decided to study photography at the Braissaï school.

He focuses his personal work on emotions, the ones that make us react impulsively and disproportionately.

After many painful events, he invents a series of photos that illustrate the emotions contained and that will serve as a therapy.  Like a director, he sets up his characters, he sets the stage to give life to the compressed feelings that are just waiting to burst.

Since his beginnings, Grégory has influenced, inspired and built himself artistically, discovering the universe of other artists: Especially the quirky style of Jean-Paul Goude, the madness of Tarantino or the artistic career of Man Ray, which will give him the taste of excess and surrealism.