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For him, the dollar, as his stars and stripes, materializes in one picture, in an unique and powerful symbol, every dreams, every essential values that makes United States a nation apart, whether we are Americans or not. 

The One Dollar bill, excepting what he can inspire as fantasies, have an intrinsic unchangeable graphic beauty since 1864, which is different at first sight from bills from other nations. As soon as he has the age to understand the meaning, he deciphered, engraved on the back « In God we trust ». I was struck that a motto as admirable and generous, so far from the judgment that I had of trading, could be on a bank note. 

It is by multiplying the dimensions of the bill, enlarging the least details, changing the colors and flat areas, and folding the surfaces to make it a piece of art, that I wanted to introduce to children and maybe adults, the beauty of graphics and mostly the meaning of all these symbols and latin captions dotting both faces of the One Dollar bill for us to remember the ethics who guided founders of first States of East Coast. 

Karl Lagasse, designed series of dollar from a simple bill, to recompose them and multiplied them with unlimited variants, following assemblies of harmonious colors, contrasted or agressive, and this can remind the forever wealth of creation and invention that characterized dynamism of Americans. Thanks to their folds, these sculptures can stand alone, vertically or horizontally. They fold but do not break. These sculptures symbolize the tenacity and the adaptability in front of the adversity of Americans standing against all odds by what they trust in their future. 

For him, American symbols are very powerful through the world. 

Since forever, dominants powers have been able to impose on others their values as an example to follow. The fascination of visual artists who see the United States as a model, results in recovery and interpretation of all objects, full of dematerialized symbols or objects of consumption in everyday life. The way he interprets the One Dollar bill, object with two appearances, currency down to earth, but also a symbol of success and freedom, shows that from a single bill, we can create declined objects in many shapes and unlimited colors, objects that intimately underlie their aesthetic qualities with values that have turned the world upside down.

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